Saturday, 27 December 2008

Caught red paw'd

Gus has been caught in the act of digging by his granddad who is not to impressed!

Our back garden doubles up as our driveway, we are on a corner plot so my dad drives the car in at an angle to park it on the drive, the rest of the garden is grass. (apart from the spending area)

So our car is a little bit too long to go through the gate at the right angle to end up on the drive, so the front left wheel always goes though the grass, well its winter so the grass is a bit dead and gone on that particular spot.

My dad went to let the dogs in just before christmas and found Gus digging! So now there is a little hole in the ground, at least it explains where the mud has been coming from!

Today we did something new, Ian and Gus where left alone in the house while we went shopping, Gus does not get left really at halls, I'm always in the building if he is alone in my room, I don't think its safe to leave him alone in my room if I go out. Basically he goes everywhere I go. So leaving him is a bit of a new thing, and we came back and nothing had been destroyed, both dogs where still in one piece and the sofa  had not been sat on; success!

Gus was incredibly pleased to see me, I got a massive bounding jumping hug all over my white coat, followed by a gentle chew on my hand and lots of circling me!

I really love him, he is so perfect and so full of cheekiness and character!

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