Friday, 19 September 2008

Paw GUS!!!

My paw (you will get the pun in a minute) little guide dog Gus has been in the wars today.

We had a visit from guide dogs yesterday and I mentioned a little problem he has with his elbow, he has a big callous on it thats bald and very red. So yesterday I spoke to our trainer who said to keep a good eye on it because it had been bleeding.

Well today when I was grooming Gus I noticed that there was green gunk coming out of it. So I booked into see a vet at 2:45.

So Off I went to my lectures and what happens on the way Gus cuts his paw. It's the tiniest cut ever but it bled FOREVER! I got a sightling to look at it for me and check there was nothing they could see in it, which there was not. Gus seemed to be in a lot of pain and limping quite badly.

Still thinking that my boy was being a massive wuss I asked the vet too look at it for me. The vet was concerned about the amount of pain he was in so we agreed to sedate him so she could clean out the wound and check it had nothing in it, without hurting him. 2 hours of me sitting in the waiting room later she came out to tell me that she had removed a shard of glass from inside his foot.

While he was sleepy she also cleaned up his elbow and put cream on it and gave him a strong painkiller and a big boost of antibiotic to get him started.


He needed antibiotics for the elbow anyway but he had to have a stronger dose because he spent a day walking around with glass in his foot.

I think everyone in my Halls has heard about it now and one of the guys went out and brought Gus a toy People are being really helpful and offering to take me shopping/go and buy food and stuff for me while Gus is out of action and one Guy has even said anytime Gus needs the vet to give him a ring and he will give us a lift.

I dont think the reversal of the sedative went very well Gus is still out of it 5 hours later, I had to carry him from the vet into a taxi and then from the taxi to my room where I put him down thinking he could make it to his bed. He tripped over his bed and fell flat on his face and couldn't get up poor thing and he is all cold and shivery so I have wrapped him up.

Sorry to write such a long post but it has been a VERY emotional day, my baby being in pain is a horrible thought, it's not like i can explain to him why he is all wobbly and it makes him sad that he does not understand that makes me sad for him!

(someone is getting some serious spoiling today)