Thursday, 15 May 2008

Well hello there!

Hi and welcome to Guiding Gus!

I'm Jemma the soon to be owner of a beautiful guide dog called Gus, we where successfully matched on Tuesday and at the present time will be training on the 23rd of June. Gus is a black Labrador retriever cross and is going to be 2 years old on the 17th of may, he is really sweet and I can't wait for him to become part of the family.

Gus will be accompanying me when I move to university in September and in all the other activity's I engage in such as being a Guide leader, camping and all kinds of sports. for now though the most important thing is to get training all done and passed so we qualify nicely!

We will hopefully both be contributing to this blog at various points, I already have a blog here so it shall be a challenge looking at them both.

For now I will leave you with my one and only picture of me and Gus.