Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Cristmas Everyone!

To all my doggy friends I hope you get lots of bones, treats and cuddles from your owners and that you enjoy the christmas dinner.

My favourite part of christmas dinner is the sprouts, I like them best raw and cold because they are really good for me and healthy.

I haven't been speaking to mummy recently, on Tuesday she took me to the VET! Can you believe it really, she took me to the VET and there was nothing wrong with me, and worst still the VET emptied my glands, it was horrible and 3 people had to hold me still.

So understandably mummy was not my favourite person, she claimed that I was due my 6 monthly MOT but I still think taking me to the VET was uncalled for.

I was just starting to forgive her on Wednesday  but then she did something terrible, she went out for hours without me!

I was with nanny and granddad but I still got upset and cried!

So I wouldn't speak to her last night, she came and gave me a goodnight kiss and a cuddle which was lovely, I love mummy cuddles.

Then this morning I completely forgave her, because I got lots of presents and treats and lovely things for christmas.

you see I do have christmas spirit I forgave mummy even thought she was nasty!

This is my first christmas with mummy and it was great, everyone got loads of presents which I tried to steal and yes its been great, I have decided that I really love christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Good thing you and your mummy are already okay on Christmas day! Speaking of Christmas, I found this cool site today, It allows you to create animated e-cards featuring a chorus of singing and dancing pets that bark or meow your favorite holiday songs. What's more fun is that you can even use your friends' or your own pet's photos. I sent one to my friends, and boy, it was a sure hit!