Saturday, 7 February 2009

Red Paws, from a different perspective

Like a lot of the country this week in Southampton we have had our fair share of snow, Monday we woke up to white, and it was still snowing a little. 

Gus looked in amazement at all this strange white stuff that was cold, then realised the bits from the sky where like rain, but then realised that snowballs where great fun.

However he later realised that all this light fun snow stuff had a dark side.

Grit- was applied heavily to most of the pavements around our area, this roughened up  Gus's paws a lot, but there was worse to come.

They ran out of grit by Tuesday so where just pouring down bags of salt.

Now for Gus's already damaged paw pads, OUCH!

He was not a happy bunny and I don't blame him, I have spent a lot of time bathing his paws to get the nasty stuff off and applying cream to fix the cracks a bit.

I can say his paws are a lot better now and things have stopped freezing over but there is still allot of grit about!

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