Saturday, 5 July 2008

Back home

Well I am very pleased to announce that I and Gus are back home not just on day release but to stay!

Are second week of training went really well and without incident. We had traffic training on Monday and Tuesday and both lived to tell the tale, I absolutely hated it there is something very unnatural about standing in the middle of the road knowing a car is about to drive towards you! That said Gus was an absolute star and was really good.

He has his occasional wafting moments but overall he has been utterly fabulous!

He has found pedestrian crossing buttons, doors, cash machines, trains stairs and seats! All of which is incredibly cute to watch as he puts his nose on a button or seat to indicate where it is! He has guided me round countless obstacles including off curbs, trees, street furniture and of course other people.

At this stage I really can't express how much he has changed my mobility and confidence, I really trust him and I think that trust is mutual. Working with Gus is so completely different to working with a long cane, it is defiantly a change for the better, we have not finished are training yet but it is so good to be able to relax trusting him to guide me round stuff without having to try and look out for it.

The three blind mice are planning to stay in touch and I think it is safe to say I have made some great friends during the training process and I really hope that everything works out well for the other two blind mice and there dogs. Hopefully once we are all qualified we can hold a reunion or something.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like training is going well and you are really happy with Guss. Reading that post brought back a lot of memories, especially traffic training! Isn't it mad how quickly you learn to trust them?
Glad to see you like REM too!

Jemma Brown said...

Training has gone very well so far! thank you for getting in touch with us! I will shortly be working on a Guide dog blog list!