Tuesday, 15 July 2008

It's my first post

Wow Have finally managed to remove mummy from the computer and she is letting me write my first post!

Yesterday was very exciting, I met all 40 ish of the Guides that mummy helps out with they were really nice and compleatly ignored me at first even though I am so buetiful!

Then I got to watch them have a BBQ which looks like great fun mummy is still today trying to get the smell of smoke out of my hair.

While everyone's food was cooking which smelt amazing they had a little ceremony and i was enrolled into the unit (pictures to follow) they made me a really nice neckerchief that has the guides logo on it and says 6th alverstoke guides and then has my name on it.

Mummy had a small lump in her throat because I looked so cute!

Then I was a really good boy and had my photo taken with all the guides in a big group photo.

At the end of the evening mummy let all the guides that wanted to come up and stroke me in little groups it was great!

I definatly want to go there again mum!

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