Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Maybe the sea isn't so scary

Hello to all my adoring fans out there including of course Dave and Maureen, who where my puppy walkers and like to keep an eye on all the mischief I get up to.

Today me and mummy went to town we went in a shop I hadn't been in before so I was excited but it turned out to be a little anticlimax as it didn't sell anything particularly interesting to me. it was called Iceland and mummy brought a few little bits of something.

Then we when to Costa coffee we seem to be spending a lot of time in there, I think mummy likes it.

Then this afternoon we went to the beach again, I decided last week that swimming in that water with those big white moving things that mum says are called waves was so not for me. They look like they could eat a little dog like me up for dinner!

The thing is they don't bother Ian at all he seemed to like jumping over them and well quite frankly I thought if he lived then I probably will!

So for the first time since I have been with mummy I went in the sea and played with Ian. It was actully really fun and i really enjoyed myself, mum says I need to learn to swim a little slower so she can take a better picture!

I also need to learn to close my mouth when I am swimming that water tasted gross!

Here's the pictures mummy did manage to take!

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