Saturday, 7 June 2008

Time has stopped

Wow it really seems like since I last posted on here time has stopped!

I found out yesterday that I will be training residentially with Gus on the 23rd of June, in a very posh hotel!

I'm so pleased I am going away to train it will give me and Gus some time to bond and because it will be in Southampton we can both learn routes that we will actully start travelling on in September.

The residential part of training lasts for 2 weeks, I will have no computer or internet connection which is a scary thought, as you may have gathered from DOAM I am an internet addict! Also because its my first dog and the early stages of us training together are so sensitive I might not be allowed visitors.

After that we will come back to the house here to do between one and two weeks of further training, during which we should qualify and become a partnership.

So there's just over 2 weeks to go until I disappear and it seems like time is standing still, I'm so excited about everything.

I have brought him a really beautiful bed that has a desert camo pattern on it and he will look really sweet on it!

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Kim, Sophie and Keisha said...

I bet your really excited! When I trained with my guide dog Sophie, I traveled to the US and stayed at the school's campus for 28 days. It's interesting learning about how things work in other countries.