Sunday, 15 June 2008

Getting more exciting!

Wow! I have yet again had a slightly manic week, its just how things go at the moment a lot is happening to plan for Gus' arrival and I have been really busy with exams.

Gus' bed arrived and it is really nice, quite a lot bigger than I realised but I'm working on places to put it! For the first few weeks he will come with his Guide Dog bed that he knows so he doesn't freak out about everything being new.

I also found out that he is arriving this Friday! Its so exciting there is less than a week to go and then my baby boy comes to stay!

Also because he will have to go to the loo on concrete at uni and in the hotel they have arranged to build a temporary dog run in my back garden for him to use, my mum is also hoping Ian will use it but I personally don't hold up much hope of that one.

It's really good I'm getting him for the weekend before all the hard work really begins on Monday, but ideally I need to have all my packing done before he arrives so I have lots of time to spend bonding with him.

Talking of packing I'm going to be away for 2 weeks and I'm really not sure I have enough cloths! seriously I'm doing the sums in my head and I don't see it happening.

Lets look at this from my perspective OK I'm away 14 days, I'm the clumsiest person in the world ever, walking around outside in all weathers. I am easily going to need a T-shirt a day plus some some, that's say at least 20. Add to that jumpers, trousers shorts, plus my I pod speakers, All the dog stuff, at leas 3 lots of shoes, including waking boots and a borrowed laptop not of course forgetting PJ's and underwear!

So I have a lot to do still not to mention my last exam to get out of the way, and I am determined to get some baking done before I go away!

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