Tuesday, 24 June 2008

First steps

Wow the last few days have been a whilwind!

Gus was delivered on friday and spent the weekend settling in at home.

Thenn on monday we came to the hotel for our training and did lectures orintation and obiedence.

Today the day was split in to the morning had a more structured obeidence session and we worked on lead work on stairs and stuff, which gus did really well at.

Then this afternoon Gus was fitted with his white working harness and we did our first harness walk, it was absoulty amazing!

I was worried because of my balance problems and genral lack of co ordination that i would screw it up but it went really well aand i am so prowed of Gus he really is a little angel in harness bless him.

The bon between us has really developed well and he is allredy loved and one of the family.

P.S apologiesa for the lack of proof reading in this post having a few issues this evening but still wanted to post.

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