Sunday, 24 May 2009

Tweet Tweeeeeeet!

Yes Gus is now Tweeting you updates from twitter onto his blog here.

He is very aware that he does not have time to update his blog here as often as he would like so he has created a Twtter account and is trying to update more often, see the feed on the right for more info.

Have you added him as a friend on facebook yet? search for Gus Brown, he is the only one that is a dog!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pictures again

First off was a pic of Gus I will be using for one of my university assignments, he was such a good boy because it took me ages to get the perfect shot and he just sat there good as gold!

And here are some more slightly random pictures.

Above Gus with laser eyes and his cuddly Eiffel tower, below is Gus being used as a pillow by Ian... and yes my dog lays like a frog!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Red Paws, from a different perspective

Like a lot of the country this week in Southampton we have had our fair share of snow, Monday we woke up to white, and it was still snowing a little. 

Gus looked in amazement at all this strange white stuff that was cold, then realised the bits from the sky where like rain, but then realised that snowballs where great fun.

However he later realised that all this light fun snow stuff had a dark side.

Grit- was applied heavily to most of the pavements around our area, this roughened up  Gus's paws a lot, but there was worse to come.

They ran out of grit by Tuesday so where just pouring down bags of salt.

Now for Gus's already damaged paw pads, OUCH!

He was not a happy bunny and I don't blame him, I have spent a lot of time bathing his paws to get the nasty stuff off and applying cream to fix the cracks a bit.

I can say his paws are a lot better now and things have stopped freezing over but there is still allot of grit about!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Caught red paw'd

Gus has been caught in the act of digging by his granddad who is not to impressed!

Our back garden doubles up as our driveway, we are on a corner plot so my dad drives the car in at an angle to park it on the drive, the rest of the garden is grass. (apart from the spending area)

So our car is a little bit too long to go through the gate at the right angle to end up on the drive, so the front left wheel always goes though the grass, well its winter so the grass is a bit dead and gone on that particular spot.

My dad went to let the dogs in just before christmas and found Gus digging! So now there is a little hole in the ground, at least it explains where the mud has been coming from!

Today we did something new, Ian and Gus where left alone in the house while we went shopping, Gus does not get left really at halls, I'm always in the building if he is alone in my room, I don't think its safe to leave him alone in my room if I go out. Basically he goes everywhere I go. So leaving him is a bit of a new thing, and we came back and nothing had been destroyed, both dogs where still in one piece and the sofa  had not been sat on; success!

Gus was incredibly pleased to see me, I got a massive bounding jumping hug all over my white coat, followed by a gentle chew on my hand and lots of circling me!

I really love him, he is so perfect and so full of cheekiness and character!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Cristmas Everyone!

To all my doggy friends I hope you get lots of bones, treats and cuddles from your owners and that you enjoy the christmas dinner.

My favourite part of christmas dinner is the sprouts, I like them best raw and cold because they are really good for me and healthy.

I haven't been speaking to mummy recently, on Tuesday she took me to the VET! Can you believe it really, she took me to the VET and there was nothing wrong with me, and worst still the VET emptied my glands, it was horrible and 3 people had to hold me still.

So understandably mummy was not my favourite person, she claimed that I was due my 6 monthly MOT but I still think taking me to the VET was uncalled for.

I was just starting to forgive her on Wednesday  but then she did something terrible, she went out for hours without me!

I was with nanny and granddad but I still got upset and cried!

So I wouldn't speak to her last night, she came and gave me a goodnight kiss and a cuddle which was lovely, I love mummy cuddles.

Then this morning I completely forgave her, because I got lots of presents and treats and lovely things for christmas.

you see I do have christmas spirit I forgave mummy even thought she was nasty!

This is my first christmas with mummy and it was great, everyone got loads of presents which I tried to steal and yes its been great, I have decided that I really love christmas.

Sunday, 30 November 2008


Oh dear my poor boy now has an ear infection!

I'm also informed that there is a nasty highly infectious strain of kennel cough spreading around the south of England one of the tutors at uni has had a poorly doggie with it.

So we shall be staying well away from her as it spreads in the air and can attach itself to peoples clothes and everything!